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Soften your household water to help prolong life of washing machines, kettles and plumbing fitments.

FLAMINGO CLACK SOFTENER Compact 38 Gallon Water Softener.
The production of hot water, protected by FLAMINGO softener is much more econonmic (saving up to 50%). Offers complete protection of its facilities against fouling ducts and unions ..., hot water tank, boiler, plumbing valves,

Environmentally safe by the significant reduction in the consumption of various products in household chores (cleaning, washing, shampoos, soaps etc.)

Genius FLM ATH domestic reverse osmosis 5 stage.
With reverse osmosis equipment Genius you have a source of natural, pure and balanced excellent water quality, water with a low salt content and free of any impurities and pollution. Ideal for a healthy and balanced diet, cooking food retains its flavor and aroma.Lo noticing your plants, your steam iron, its aquarium and all equipment where water purity is important. The Genius teams are specially designed for quick and easy installation. Maintenance is very easy thanks to the simplicity of its consumables, membrane filters.

Technical features:
The computer has five filter stages arranged as follows: sediment pre-filter 5m pre-activated carbon filter GAC pre-activated carbon filter CTO 4 TFC osmosis membrane 50 gdp post-filter cartridge GAC in-line


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